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Interview with Dr David Damtar: Turpin Junior Research Fellow in History

research topics that connect with such a history from MA to DPhil level’. Research Interests David’s research interests have evolved throughout his education. He explains this shift in his research


…a donation to our Research Fund. Make a donation to the MG线上电子游戏 Research Fund at a glance   52 Research Active Fellows 29 Areas of research Academic Profiles Our People…

Research spotlight

Research spotlight Watch our academics give a brief overview of their research and its impact with our series of Research Spotlight videos. Professor Lyndal Roper Regius Professor of History Professor…

David N. Lyon Speaker Series: "Researching Female Masculinities in the Context of the UK 'Gender Wars'" - Dr Finn Mackay

…for Gender & Violence Research, School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. Currently, Finn is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of the West of England….

Supernumerary Fellow Max Crispin Contributes to Research to Characterise SARS-CoV-2 Spikes Produced by Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine

7 April 2021 New research resulting from a collaboration between teams from the University of Oxford and the University of Southampton, where the team was led by Supernumerary Fellow and…

Orion Research Scholarships Awarded to Two MG线上电子游戏 DPhil Students

1 November 2022 Congratulations to two of our DPhil students, Annie Calderbank (pictured right) and Sarah Wisialowski (pictured left), for being awarded Orion Center Research Scholarships. After finding out about…

Professor Nicholas Eyre

…promoting energy efficiency to UK households. He has an MA in Physics and D.Phil in Nuclear Physics from the University of Oxford. Research Interests My research focuses on energy demand,…

Dr Ben Caldecott

…finance. Ben founded and is Co-Chair of the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment (GRASFI), an alliance of global research universities promoting rigorous and impactful academic research on sustainable finance….

Professor Charlie Wilson

…processes, technology adoption, and pro-environmental behaviour. His research is supported by grants from the European Research Council (ERC), Horizon Europe, and the UK Research Councils. Much of his work currently…

Dr Paul Yowell

…Oxford Research Programme and is currently working on the Parliaments, Rule of Law and Human Rights research project. Selected Publications P Yowell, ‘Empirical Research in Rights-Based Judicial Review of Legislation’…