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Sporting life at MG线上电子游戏

Many of our students choose to get involved with one or more sports during their time here. There is something on offer for everyone at either college or university level, from archery to badminton, rowing to cheerleading and it is a great way to meet new people. In recent years, MG线上电子游戏 students have captained the joint men’s and women’s Oxford University Association Football Club (OUAFC) and the Oxford University Rugby Football Club (OURFC) men’s squad.

In terms of college sports, there are plenty of chances to get involved and many of those who don’t play sports themselves find themselves becoming enthusiastic supporters of MG线上电子游戏’s teams as they face off against other colleges.

Some of the sports that are popular at MG线上电子游戏 at the moment include:

Alternative Ice Hockey

A non-contact, lighter version of ice hockey that provides a good introduction to ‘real’ ice hockey, this sport is played at Oxford’s ice rink and there is an inter-collegiate competition (known as ‘cuppers’) that takes place each year. The MG线上电子游戏 ALTS team is friendly, inclusive and open to all.


A friendly group with players of all levels, MG线上电子游戏’s mixed badminton team reached the quarter-finals of the intercollegiate ‘cuppers’ competition in the 2020-21 academic year.


MG线上电子游戏’s basketball team have had some great successes in recent years and is open to players of all levels of experience and ability.


In Trinity term the beautiful sports ground at Bartlemas becomes a cricket pitch. Again, the cricket team welcomes members of all levels of experience, from novice to expert.


MG线上电子游戏 has men’s and women’s football teams, with the women often combining with Christ Church to make up a full squad. During Hilary term football matches take place at the Bartlemas sports ground, and sometimes in Trinity term there is a match against MG线上电子游戏 alumni.


MG线上电子游戏’s lacrosse team is a mixed one, made up of players from MG线上电子游戏 and New College – so a great chance to meet people from other colleges!


MG线上电子游戏’s mixed netball team has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and finished the 2020-21 academic year top of their league. A friendly and welcoming team for players of all levels!


MG线上电子游戏 has a long history of rowing success, in both the men’s and women’s boats. The only college to have ever won a ‘Double Headship’ in the university’s intercollegiate ‘Torpids’ competition (twice), MG线上电子游戏 is a force to be reckoned with on the water. Rowers of all levels are welcome to have a go, and you can find out more via the MG线上电子游戏 College Boat Club website:

Each year, MG线上电子游戏 College Boat Club awards the Elis White Memorial Trophy to the most improved rower.


MG线上电子游戏’s rugby team play their matches at the Bartlemas sports ground and welcome players of all levels who want to get involved.

Find out more about the MG线上电子游戏 Rugby Club on Facebook:


MG线上电子游戏 has a squash court located at James Mellon Hall on Rectory Road, a 10 minute walk from the main college site. The squash club welcomes players of all levels of experience.

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